This month on instagram

Instagram totally contributes to my internet vacuum. In my own dictionary of made up words, that's something like: 
[internet vacuum] \ noun \ sounds like: in-tur-net vak-yoo-uhm. That black hole in space and time where you get sucked in to your laptop or iPhone and suddenly an hour has passed without any recollection of how that time flew by.
Also, everything just looks prettier Sierra-fied or Earlybird-ed. Here's a little collage of snaps that I put up on the Insta-web the past month. I've kept my account private for quite some time but now I really enjoy it as a way to keep in touch with you guys during the day. I love reading your comments there and always try to get back personally! If you'd like to get in touch or follow my daily routine behind the scenes, I'm on username yaragotstyle. And are you as addicted as I am?

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