Spring in a shoe

When I first spotted these leopard and suede sandals at Barneys Co-Op in New York last September during Fashion Week, I was smitten. I wouldn't dare leave New York without a new pair of shoes (it's like leaving Hawaii without a floral shirt, or leaving Paris without macarons!), I was still high on the NY buzz and had some deep shoe and bag conversations with the loveliest sale girl that recognized me from my blog. And before I knew it, I was swiping a Mastercard and purchased these chic black suede and blue/green/gray-ish animal hair strappy sandals. 

When push came to shove, I didn't dare ruin them in the beige sand at Jardin des Tuileris during Paris FW a week later and right after that fall started. Since I never got to wear them yet (such a shame!) and they're just standing by my bed being pretty, I figured they at least deserved a proper post. I can almost feel spring when I look at these (main spring thoughts include midnight cocktail moments, super tan lags that will never happen, and far away fashion trips) and can't wait to finally break them in. Let's go leopard!


photos by Eefje Gerritsjans

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