Love? I'd rather fall in chocolate

Chocolate always succeeds to make me feel better. If you feel sad: chocolate is a great thing. If you feel happy: chocolate is a great thing too! Today I'm stuck at home because I'm not feeling well and - ponding headaches aside - the one little bright thing is getting some time for me, music, magazines (are all good things in life m-words?) and endless supplies of Chai tea and sweets. 

Usually it's Milka's caramel bar that instantly cheers me up. If I could, I'd only eat caramel in my life (wait, that's unfair to potato chips! And hamburgers!). Today I'm feeling super adventurous though and I'm stuffing myself with something new, since they made a marriage happen between chocolate and another world wonder: cookies! One of them (Lu) is a traditional sand cookie and the other (Tuc) is a slightly salty biscuit. Salted caramel (yes, getting back on that topic again) is a treat that I love so I was curious to bite in to the sweet and slightly salty Tuc bar. And now? Half of each is left, so that requires another movie-magazine-snack session later this week ;)

Is chocolate your ultimate comfort food as well and do you want to try out the same chocolates I’m eating right now (duhh!)? Well... You can! Milka will personally send a Lu or Tuc milk chocolate bar to each of my Dutch readers, just leave me a comment saying which of these two options you'd love to try out (add your e-mail address so they can get in touch!). Isn't that sweet? Happy chocolate day!

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