Paris diary... And Happy New Year!

First of all, I'm wishing you all an incredible 2013. Let's make this one count! A new year somehow feels like a fresh start, a clean slate and a moment for new good beginnings. And as I was reflecting on 2012 one of the things I realized is how much I love my readers :) Seriously. I hope we'll go through some amazing adventures together, and I'm wishing you much happiness from the bottom of my heart. Make 2013 your year

In the last few days of 2012 I squeezed in a trip to Paris and here's a little photo diary of random travel memories along the way. For once I decided not to drag my big camera all over town. With mixed feelings, because pro: a light weight bag, no worries about losing it in the metro and constant photo pauses and con: man, Paris is so photogenic, so think about all the missed photo opportunities! However, sometimes it can be better to just be in a city, without having to photograph everything. And I bet you can imagine me eating macaroons, croissants and having a nervous credit card melt down moment even without pictures ;)

photos by me and Friso

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