Ear piercing number four

A few days ago I decisively walked in to a little traditional pierce shop to get my third ear stud redone. It had closed up after getting it last year. (You might have spotted it here and here. Oh, and I have one in my inner ear shell). 

I love the idea of teeny tiny silver dots forming a line along the ear. Suddenly I strongly felt like the process of getting there was taking waaay too long and I'm stocked that I got two at once. As you can tell in the last picture it's really subtle. Just as I had in mind. I'm probably going back for a last one in a few months since five is my lucky number (is that a good enough reason?) and I feel like that would balance out nicely. Mom, if you're reading this, I'll try my best to stop at that...


photos by Eefje Gerritsjans

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