A fashion blogger search with Batavia

How to break in to the blogging world, and be able to go to events and get exposure, is a question I receive quite a lot. It’s usually the same faces at the same events. I was approached to tell you about an initiative that might give one of you a heads up in the Big Blogging World.

One of the Netherlands biggest outlets – Batavia
Stad Fashion Outlet - is on the hunt for a face, a talented blogger who understands fashion, is motivated to blog and would love to visit all kinds of events to write about them. You’ll gain a big audience as a blogger through their website, get to go to events all year ‘round and win a 250 euro shopping spree. (Some of the brands you’ll find there for massively discounted prices are Guess, Levi’s, Hugo Boss, Vero Moda and Cold Method so you’ll likely succeed).

Blogger competition
Back to the fashion platform Batavia Fashion Outlet is setting up; it might be a great start and a way to meet a lot of people and get a glimpse in the industry. If you think you’ve got the skills and the style - and if you're Dutch! - gather your glamorous guts and send in a blog post (the best blogs will already be published on their site) + a motivation. The top 3 will get to go shopping and write a blog post as final assignment, so even just for that it might be fun to try out ;) You can enter the blogger search here!

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