Meet my intern: Eefje Gerritsjans

You've been seeing her name pop up under most posts recently so a proper introduction seems fitting. In the past month-and-a-half This chick's got style got reinforcement in the form of my first ever intern: Eefje Gerritsjans (and yes it's her in ph. 2, 3 and 7!) She's great and easy to work with, and getting help makes such a difference that I can hardly even remember how I got everything done on my own. There are so many ways to constantly keep improving the blog, and calling in promising young people like Eefje is definitely one of them.

Above you see a selection of her work (doesn't that guy in the first photo totally remind you of Jon Kortajarena? Or is that just my imagination...) and you can have another peek here. I hope you like the blog pictures we've been taking recently and I look forward to what we'll do in the next weeks. Enjoy
! Yara and Eefje

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