My Topshop order

Although I seriously want to save up for Miami, I couldn't resist browsing Topshop for a replacement when I found a little hole in my black maxi dress. It's one of my holiday staple pieces, so I reasoned, and would be ok to purchase. Before I knew it, I added my ultimate favorite top (I'm wearing the grey one here and here) and a pair of statement earrings to my basket. 

So far so good, and well within budget. Until I browsed the shoe section (big mistake, big mistake!) and stumbled upon these boots. They're a perfect shoe solution for festivals, since I don't want to ruin my Acne pistols and sometimes prefer a boot over my Converse. I then talked myself in to buying them by saying a) I don't have any motor style boots b) I have just one other pair of flat ankle boots and c) I had just sold a pair of boots from my closet. Let's hope they turn out nicely and that I can stop the shopping until my holiday. Good luck to me...

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