Fashion journal

This Fashion journal compiles some fashionable, random or fun things that happened starting a few weeks ago (festivals and my birthday), to last weeks graduation all the way to the boots I posted on This chick's got style yesterday. I'll be traveling a lot in the upcoming days, so there are some exciting and sunny Fashion journals ahead ;)

What are you looking at?
1) Some cute birthday gifts
2) Gestuz jacket with leather detailing, wishlist material
3) Open Air festival with my friend Malou
4) Chicken and parmesan pasta at my graduation dinner
5) Random outfit shot
6) Paper hearts falling from the sky at a festival (weeks ago, though)
7) Two work outfits, snapped with my iPhone
8) Another item by Gestuz (I love cozy knits) that I snapped on a showroom visit
9) My Italian style birthday dinner
10) New boots (seen in full here)

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