Leather peter pan collar DIY

I have this group of super creative friends that comes up with the most genius self made presents. So when it was time to celebrate my childhood friend Jes' birthday, we wanted to do something with peter pan collars since she wears those all the time. We made 7 in different materials: one for each day of the week. Ssshtt.. she left this printed leather one at my house so I'm stealing it for today! ;). 

It's insanely easy, even for someone as impatient as myself. (I'll fess up though. Nicole, who made this collar, helped me out on the hand sowing). For instructions with pictures, visit the inspirational honestlywtf.

How to diy a peter pan collar:
1) Cut out the pattern below (preferably on thick paper or felt) and then proceed to cut that shape out of your fabric of choice. Rich materials such as leather, felt and velvet look great.
2) Sew the bottom ends together using a tiny button. You can get a simple black one or make it a focus point by choosing a neon color, glitter, a little rose bud, whatever you like.
3) Sow on a ribbon or strap on each of the smaller ends and that's it... you did it!

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