Going to Miami!

Being utterly obsessed by American culture - and traveling in general - it doesn't take me long to come up with a summer plan. After our West coast road trip two years back I immediately started dreaming of future USA adventures. Weeks of debate followed and we decided to go just for it. Justified by the very philosophic motto that the best thing to spend money on is traveling the world ;) The result: two weeks in Miami (and probably the Keys). YEAH BABY! Going for it apparently also meant that we'll be staying at the most insane hotel in Coconot grove with a pool that overlooks the boats in the bay. (Rates for Miami aren't exactly favorable for July and since we were never gonna pull this one off low budget, this was a really good option). If you have any Miami tips to eat, go out, shop, sun and sightsee, please let me know. I'd appreciate it :D

First things first, though: preselecting my bikini's while listening to Will Smith's nineties classic Welcome to Miami on full volume. (The less classy I'm in Miami bitch does the trick as well).

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