Fashion journal: press day galore and personal peeks

It's a big one, this Fashion journal. Filled with a fresh set of shots from recent press days. (This was the first set of gorgeous fashion goodies). I've since been obsessed with the suede dress and python pants by NMBR Nine, the off white fluffy vest by Supertrash and the flat ankle boots by Won Hundred. Drool! 

What are you looking at?
1) Random pic
2-8) At the NMBR Nine showroom, a promising Dutch label
9-10) Finding a warm place outside home, since I'm still without heating  (not amused)
11) Surface to Air platforms at Spice PR
12) Supertrash furry vest at Spice PR
13) Chunky tomato red Monki jumper at Spice PR
14) Won Hundred ankle boots at Spice PR
15) Reading the best seller my boss - editor in chief at Elle NL - wrote, fun!

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