Fashion journal

A few snaps that made me happy this week, including some bright summer items at the H&M showroom. I'm adding new flowers and plants to my home every week and have a few changes planned for the next week. I'll do a big apartment post when it's all done (Although home decorating requires so much will power, I just hate doing all those chores. I usually end up doing only two out of the ten things on my home to do/buy list. But since I've now said it out loud here on the blog, there's no way back!)

What are you looking at?
1) In Soho, two weeks ago already
2) My living room table
3) Awesome bikini at H&M showroom
4) Celebration bubbles
5) In my home
6) Must have leather and lucite sandals, also at H&M
7) Business card experiment (my friend Nicole designed it, we still need to add my e-mail and tweak the design a bit)
8) Nowhere bomber jacket, yeah!

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