This chick's got style 3 year anniversary!

I think today qualifies as one of the most special days ever. Since it's the three year anniversary of This chick's got style and my first official day as an Elle editor!

It's been a great year for This chick's got style, filled with great adventures. In this third year I managed to really turn my own project and personal passion, my blog, in to my job. And for that I want to THANK YOU. Without YOU, my loyal and new readers and my followers on Bloglovin, Twitter and the Facebook fan page, this blog really wouldn't be where it is today. I believe readers are such a big part of shaping a blog's success, in a way we're doing this together, and you're all greatly appreciated by me :)

This day marks the beginning of a big, new chapter in my life. And with every bone in my body I feel like it's going to be an insane, happy, purposeful, exciting one. It's hard to explain, but right this moment is one of the best feelings I've ever had. I hope you'll all experience a wonderful year as well and that you'll enjoy reading This chick's got style in the year to come. Lots of love, Yara.

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