Getting glossy

Browsing the web and discovering new blogs is one of the things I love to do, it was one of the reasons to start my own blog as a matter of fact. It's also how I discovered Into the Gloss about beauty secrets of the fashion incrowd, created by Emily Weiss. Rings a bell? For those just as (secretly) obsessed with The Hills might remember her cameo appearance as the Teen Vogue intern from New York - hello dream job! She's since moved on and started blogging from Jen Brill's favorite concealer, Amy Astley's best beauty buys and Anna Piaggi's blush essentials. And since I liked the mix between beauty and fashion I thought I'd share.

ps. I hope to take outfit pics soon, I'm yet to find a new rhythm between interning at ELLE fulltime and taking outfit pics. And with my boyfriend interning fulltime as well at Comedy Central, time just isn't as flexible. We were going to take them today but something personal got in between. Hope you understand and I'm trying my hardest to make my blog as much fun to visit as possible :D Thanks for all your love and support! <3 Yara

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