Dark clouds, big knits

With February not nearly as sunny as I had hoped (although there are some good days, so there's light at the end of the tunnel after all) I found myself in need of one more big knit before the season ended. My favorite chunky cardigan started to pill and I wanted something cozy to wear with everything that didn't feel as formal as my blazers. So I got this one atZalando (where I also discovered the Vagabond shoes I want, but I tried to stick to just what I needed). And about that arm candy I'm sporting; I've loved Balenciaga for years and always wanted to save up for a City bag. So I borrowed my mom's for a little while to test if I still like it as much... I'll keep you posted.

Gestuz knit at Zalando / Zara skirt (of which a seam is already coming undone, great surprise) / Balenciaga bag (mom's) / Shampalove shoes

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