Packing for Paris

Needless to say, attending an international Fashion Week – let alone Paris Fashion Week, the mother of all Fashion Weeks as Andy put it – is something I couldn’t be more excited about. But packing for Paris is serious business. Right now I’ve piled half of my closet on my bed and it looks like my room exploded. What do we do in such situations..? That’s right: we make a list.

My Fashion Week essentials:

A loose black dress, the perfect layering piece.
Leather or denim skinnies, to wear with a loose T and clutch, always works.
Blazers, blazers, blazers. If you have little packing space bring a black and one statement blazer.
A bunch of tights, in case you discover rips 2 minutes before leaving.
♥ One fab party dress, you never know what you end up doing.
Cigarette or harem pants, they're comfy yet stylish and provide some warmth. Printed or one toned both work.
Basic T’s and blouses, to mix and match with.
An a-line or maxi skirt.
(Leather) shorts.
A jumpsuit, for when you're want to make a big statement with minimal effort.
A pair of mind blowing heels.
Wedges, to give your feet a break but still add that extra height.
Ballet flats, to switch to when walking a lot in between shows.
Nail polish, the perfect finishing touch! I’m bringing one color for every day.
Bags and jewels, bring multiple clutches so you don’t have the same look each day and one big bag for long days with more carry on stuff.

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