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Wow, you guys sure do love a Q&A! I received over a 100 questions in three days, here are some outtakes: (read all the questions and answers on this website)

How much time do you spend on blogging? Isn't hard to combine with your study/work/boyfriend? Cuz I think it is...
It takes a lot of time, but I love doing it! I don't blog as much as I would like to due to other obligations like university. But it's definitely worth the time investment to me.

Do you live by yourself in Amsterdam? If so, what's your house like and do you have roommates? Your room looks really cool!)

I live in an appartment that I share with my twin brother. It's not huge but I like it a lot! And thanks :D I really like my room as well, thinking of a few small alterations right now. My room probably looks bigger in the picturs though, hahah!

Do you drink a lot of alcohol? What do you think about people drinking just to get drunk every weekend? Are you one of those?
No, definately not! I don't get really drunk when I'm at a party because I want to be in control of the situation when I'm out (and especially when I have to get home by myself). When I'm with my boyfriend I'm less cautious but I'm still hardly ever or never really wasted.

Could you tell something about the times that you travelled? Where have you bin, did you work there or had you saved some money for it? Maybe you can put it in an article, it would be very interesting!
Me, my twin brother and my parents have travelled through a far country for a month each year. Before we were 10 we did europe and then we went far away. Countries we´ve travelled through: the U.S. (and Hawaii), Vietnam, India, Thailand (three times), Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Indonesia, Mexico, Cuba, China. And when I was 18 I went to Thailand by myself! What an adventure!! And my boyfriend flew in later.

When are you 'ready' to make a fashionblog? I would like to do it, but I'm not even close to your fashionability, although I try to pick up trends and look nice everyday. And I'm afraid people are going to think I totally love myself.
Don't worry about that. Exposing yourself online and being totally self absorbed are not the same thing :) And if you're a nice person it will probably 'translate' through the screen.

If you feel like you want to blog, you can easily do so. Starting a blog is such a low threshold thing to do. You can create one for free and upload whatever you want. If it doesn’t work out you can still start fresh in a year or so :) And if it takes a while to develop your blogging 'style', that's totally normal.

What do you think about fat but fashioned people?
'The fashion industry' focussus a lot on weight. Often it disconnects with reality. What you wear is supposed to make you look better and feel comfident. Being naturally thin or being larger shouldn't have to interfere with that.
However, I do feel that pushing yourself to be skinny or being (very much) overweight isn't healthy.

What was the best concert you ever visited?
Coldplay in Germany.

What do you think fashion is about?
To me, in daily life fashion is about experimenting and editing your style and creating something that you feel good in and look good in. What interests me in fashion as an industry is that it's so much about creation, whether you look at outfits, a photoshoot, a runway show, an article. It's also very interesting to see how designers try to captivate a moment or a certain essence in their designs and how this translates to a broarder public.

How or where did you meet your boyfriend?
We met in junior high, hahah! So I've known him for about 8 years, but we're not true high school sweethearts. We started dating when we went to university, about 3 years ago. Always had an eye on each other though ;)

What do you think is the latest trend to appear, and waht are your thoughts on it?
Clogs! I like the trend if it's well combined. I saw a great pair at Zara with a big platform and ankle straps, which isn't a literal interpretation and makes it more modern.

What do you think about Jane from Sea of Shoes? Do you like her style, or do you think she is just a spoiled girl with too much money & time?
It's not up to me to say how someone should spend their money :) Jane has a lot of expensive clothes and shoes, but there are a lot of girls out there that have that too, but miss her creativity. I enjoy looking at her pretty shoes and unexpected combinations, even though I wouldn't necessarily wear it the exact same way.

Are you a clean or a messy person?
I used to be really messy as a kid, but my parents tought me that a clean home brings a clean mind and I try to stick with that.

Are there people asking for your authograph when your out on the streets? Or do you get recodnized?
Hahah, that never happened! (I would be surprised!) I do get recognized often though!

Do you wear heels on a daily basis?
Almost every day :)

What's your biggest dream?
I don't really have one big dream, but I do have a few dreams:
Career wise I aspire to be editor at large of a big teens or womens magazine like Teen Vogue, Elle, ... Also I would love to live abroad for a couple of years. Somewhere in California, London, New York, somewhere interesting :) I've always traveled a lot, and would like to stay abroad for a longer while. And when I'm around 30 I would like to have my first of two kids...hahah!

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