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Although I love subtle and tiny jewelry, I constantly find myself craving for chunky neckwear and giant rings. One of my go-to spots to drewl is Assad Mounser. Amanda designs eye catchers for the neck and wrist that are decorated with anything a girl could ask for. And not only does Amanda have great talent, her personal style (she has a style blog too!) and sweet personality really top the bill. Let's read what she has to say about her own style and jewelry line! (And ps. please vote for me here! Would love that!)

When getting dressed, do you pick your jewelry first and then build from that?
Typically I start with a general theme or feeling... like I think to myself, I’m going to dress french equestrian today or I'll feel compelled to wear a silky boudoir piece in a way that’s street appropriate. I take that first idea and rough it up and throw it off kilter a bit. I guess at heart, I just like playing dress up! I kind of built my jewelry collection around the idea of offering a wide variety of options to wear with any look that might inspire you. I am also huge on color, I'm addicted to it, so that is a must for me when putting together any look.

Do you wear jewelry every single day?
I do. It’s like an appendage nowadays! I feel lost, and incomplete without jewelry. You know that saying "you should always take one piece of jewelry off when you leave the house"? I always add at least 2 pieces on before I walk out the door, and oftentimes I leave wishing I had piled on even more! Iris Apfel is my hero. She is constantly dripping in Bakelite, turquoise and silver (like wrist to elbow - both arms), and she always looks so individualistic and chic!

Of all people, who would you want most to be spotted wearing an Assad Mounser design?
I get excited when I see ANYONE wearing it. I just love to see how people with different individual style profiles wear my jewelry, what looks they come up with, and what their perspective is. I will have to say, this summer I was at a shoot for Glamour magazine, and watched them shoot my pieces on Rhianna. It was pretty amazing to witness, and she was so cool, and nice. Ahhh, that was definitely a huge surreal unbelievable moment for me!

Where do you see Assad Mounser in 5 years down the road?
I would like to expand the categories within my line to include rings, earrings, etc. I would also like to launch a men's line in the next year or so. Over the next few seasons, it would be amazing if I was able to collaborate with ready-to-wear designers on jewelry collections for their runway shows, and capsule collections for their brands. And I guess in 5 years, I would love to see myself doing creative direction for another line in addition to maintaining my own. I am in no rush though, SS 10 was only my second season! I have been so lucky so far. So I’m just trying to grow my business organically with my best foot forward...

Do you design with a specific type of woman in mind?
Basically, I try to offer something for everyone. I priced this line to be statement making in design yet affordable, because I really want it to be attainable to anyone who is drawn to it. Stylistically, I have pieces that are more avant garde and envelope pushing with spikes, bullets and raw stones, but I also cater to a more feminine customer, with pieces that contain soft pearls and chains. In Japan this season, some of my customers bought pieces from this collection for their men's departments. So I guess you could say I really do offer something for everyone! Ha!

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