Blogger streetstyle

Susie and Steve. I highly doubt you'll find a couple with more style in entire England!

Me, on comfy biker boots

Alix, with her amazing ChloƩ flats and Sonya Rykiel gloves.

Browsing through Vogue over morning coffee (and looking tired after partying till 5 and getting up at 9)

I posted about things I experienced when I was in Antwerp at the fashion weekend, but I know all you fashion freaks really just wonder one thing; what was everyone wearing! These were taken on the last day, when we were walking around in Antwerp. I will post pictures of the other bloggers too, but I'm yet transferring those images to my new laptop after my other one crashed!

ps. See what each blogger writes about the fashion weekend on the Antwerp facebook page - or become a member yourself!

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