Answers: part One

Hi! Here are some of the answers to last weeks Q&A! I divided it in to two parts.
What are you studying and do you like it?
I’m just starting my 3d year of Communications at the University of Amsterdam. Subjects like internal and external communication (inside companies / towards customers), marketing, PR, commercials, media economics and social psychology are discussed. I really like that it suits my job perspectives so well. On the downside, I would love to see some more ‘practice’ experience and a little less research.

Do you still live at your parents house in A'dam?
No, I live in an apartment with my twin brother, Milan.

What is your favorite clothing item?
Honestly, I can’t say. I love my black blazer because it’s so easy to wear but other favorites are my biker jackets, sequin blazer and printed dress from mango (previous post).

How many pairs of high heels do you have?
About 10.

What is your favorite food?
I love Asian food, especially with rice or thin noodles. Sushi is also great, and I like pasta as well. As for ‘fast food’ my faves are Subway or Belgian fries!

Do you have a job beside your study?
My dad has a communications bureau (Michels Communicatie) that I’ve been working in ever since I could. It’s very nice to work together and off course a great experience considering the study I do.

Have you always had this specific style, or did you experiment until you "discovered" this own personal style?
I didn´t experiment in extreme ways, I guess my style just evolved slowly. When I was younger I was more afraid of what people might think about my outfits. Probably moving to Amsterdam made a big difference. Now I just buy whatever I like.

How many times do you go shopping?
Once a week I take my time for it. And I have class right in the city centre so I´ll quickly drop by a few stores on that same week when I'm around.

Do you ever find anything nice on sale?
I do, but I have an tendency to buy items because they’re so cheap on sale. Now I try to buy only great items.

What are your interests besides fashion?
I’m taking a second photography course and a photoshop course, because I like photography and to develop myself. And I’m a huge movie fan. I even have an annual card to the Dutch cinema so I go on a very regular base!

Travelling is one of the things I love to do. Since I was 10, my parents, twin brother and I used to travel through for a month through Asia or Middle America. I really got hooked. And I like to meet with my boyfriend, my girlfriends or going to a concert or party.

How tall are you and what are your measurements?
I’m 1.62 or 1.63 tall. I wouldn’t know my exact body measurements but I’m a size 34 or a size 36, depending on the garment.

What kind of music do you like?
Music that’s always on my iPod: Coldplay, Anouk, Amy Winehouse and Keane. I also really like Lenny Kravitz, James Morrisson, Sade, Erykah Badu. (I´m sure I’m forgetting a few)

Since when are you blogging?
This February, I just checked out my first blog post and it´s about blazers :P

Which camera do you use to take pictures?
A Nikon D 60.

I would like to know what kind of makeup, body care you use and your favorite perfume?
My daily routine with product pictures is described here. Jean Paul Gaultier Classique has been my go-to perfume for years and although I have tried others, this is my number one. My favorite body care is by Nivea or Ariane Inden.

Do you have a pet?
No. I always wanted a dog when I was young but my parents weren’t really in to the idea :P

What is your fave place you have visited so far there in Barcelona and what Spanish words have you learned?
I love the beaches in Barcelona, there is such a relaxed vibe there! The word I remember best is zumo de manzana :P

Which phone or other gadgets do you use?
At the moment I have a lady phone by Samsung. Other than that I’m addicted to my laptop (Acer) and I have an iPod and iPod installation that I use often.

Would you let me do a polaroid of you for my blog?! :)

To make your hair look like this, what do you do or which products do you use?
If I want it to be straight, I just completely comb it straight twice after showering. For more wavy hair, I take my hair like I want to make a ponytail, then twist it and make a bun out of that. Simply leave that in for as long you can. I’ll definitely make a post about that soon! I use shampoo by Gliss Kur (Liquid silk gloss shampoo) and conditioner by Joico (Moisture recovery).

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