Amsterdam hot spots

Amsterdam hot spots

food & drinks

Often I get the question what the go-to places are when visiting Amsterdam. So I decided it was time to write it down. This is the first part, focussing on places for food and drinks.

De Espresso fabriek - Westerpark (Meterhuis)
If you ever wake up, feeling like you need to get away from coffee shops and tourists, this is the perfect place. A 10 minute bike ride from Central Station you’ll find the Wester park that brings you a totally different atmosphere. In old gas factory buildings there are café’s, a bakery, a club and a tiny place that makes delicious coffee’s and more: De Espresso fabriek (Espresso factory).

Stout - Haarlemmerdijk 73
Stout (literal meaning: Naughty) is great for having drinks / lunch / dinner in a trendy but still cosy environment. Tiny tables, a nice card and a good vibe. Especially great with sunny weather, as you can sit outside too. The Haarlemmerdijk is near to the Central Station (it's on the left side). Definitely check this street out, it has great boutiques too.

Toscanini - Lindengracht 75
The best Italian food in Amsterdam might just be served here. Pasta’s go for about 14 euro’s, other dishes come for about 20. Not thé most trendy place around, but really good food!

The Movies – Haarlemmerdijk 161
The oldest cinema in Amsterdam, dating back to 1912, is still open for business! You’ll also find this on the Haarlemmerdijk. It’s a tiny building, the line up board still has light bulbs around it and there’s a restaurant attached. Buy a ticket + dinner combo for a relaxing evening.

Burgermeester - Albert Cuypstraat 48
This place has really upgraded the hamburger, offering unique combinations with their veal or lamb. Add grilled vegetables, their secret mayonnaise, chorizo, jalapenos or pesto. (Just to name a few options) Vegetarians can enjoy this experience as well, with a risotto or goat cheese burger. Check out the mini burgers too!

WLVNSTRT - Wolvenstraat 23
The Negen straatjes (Nine streets) is a really cozy area. Three long streets, divided in to 9 streets by bridges, packed with boutiques and great lunch / dinner spots. WLVNSTRT is one of them. A really nice place to sit down and have a drink. Just look for the big window, as it doesn't have a name anywhere.

Arc - Reguliersdwarsstraat
The gay hub of Amsterdam is the Reguliersdwarsstraat. And it has a great cocktail bar. Of course it’s open for everyone, so there are many trendy people there. Dress up for this night out! On Wednesdays, all cocktails cost 6 euro’s.

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