Shake it!

You know how you create the perfect garment in your head, and then can’t find it anywhere? There might just be an answer to that! On StyleShake ( you can create your own fashion and have it delivered to your home, for extremely good prices (for example, the blue dress would only be 34 Pounds!). You can also give up your personal measurements.

StyleShake just introduced a 100% bio-friendly jersey line. Those are stretchy materials that are made to fit and include body-con and strapless styles, balloon skirts and gorgeous Grecian drapes. I was playing around in the design studio and created this blue body-con dress, and a nude tulip skirt with a cute waistband and a grey off shoulder dress, it’s so easy!

And there is more! I had contact with Sarah Sabner from StyleShake and she told me all about the new product lines. Especially for my readers, there is a 10% discount code! Just enter the code blog10 for a 10% discount. It´s valid until the 20th of July!

Good luck with designing!

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