London buys

topshop skirt

the perfect skinny jeans - topshop

zara tee and COS silver pleated necklace with gold detail

h&m zip skirt

Sometimes you like an item so much, you want to have more than one. That’s what I had with my favorite white zara tee, but it was sold out everywhere, including London. Then I found one in a corner there, in the right size! Meant to be.

That pink nail polish is also my favorite, but it’s a limited ed. so it wasn’t available anymore. In London it was though! And I also bought a black version of the zip skirt from my previous post. So basically I’m just copying what I already have, hahah!
And, lucky me, I found the silver necklace in the seaming of my blazer!

ps. sorry everything’s a bit crinkled!

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