Kiss and make-up

Someone asked me how I do my make up, so I thought it might be nice to show you my daily products & routine.

1) Lightly I brush i.d. BareMinerals facial powder in color Fairly light over my face.
2) Then I use a MAC eyeshadow as bronzer. Unusual, but it's the perfect color for me :P .
3) Third I use Ariane Inden cover stick if I need it.
4) Next, I put on L'oréal Collagene mascara and black eyeliner
5) Depending on my mood I make a more natural brown smokey eye with a Dior shadow palette (Earth reflection) or a darker black and grey one with a Rimmel London palette (Smokey noir).
6) I often use a small amount of highlighter above my cheekbones and some blusher on my cheeks, but I forgot those at my parents place.
7) Then some more mascara and I often finish with lip balm or a deep pink or nude gloss, this one from h&m is a perfect nude and incredibly cheap!

ps. tomorrow I´ll probably make an outfit with the sequin blazer!

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