Sunday rituals

To me, Sundays are a week summarized in 24 hours. Like a capsule collection, but with days. I do a little bit of organizing, I do a little bit of nothing (well, if you can call Sex and the City-athons or online shopping nothing, I mean...), I do a little bit of blog work and I do a little bit of friend and family time. (Sunday brunch is everything!). Right now I'm getting some chores done and in an hour I'm meeting up for a well deserved coffee break with one of my ELLE colleagues (I shared a snap of us in Paris last FW on my Instagram) who lives five minutes away, in a cute cafe that's exactly in between our two apartments. Besides food and friends perhaps my favorite part of Sunday is when I wake up with winter sun shining through my balcony windows, and when I decide to have tea and magazines in bed and don't brush my hair all day, as seen above. (I know, such a rebel). And what are your Sunday rituals?

photo by Eefje Gerritsjans
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